आपकी मुस्कुराहट हमारी यादों में रहेगी…!

Farooq-Shaikhमुबई : फ़ारूख़ साब के निधन से सदमे में आए कलाकार और फ़िल्ममेकर्स ट्विटर पर उन्हें श्रद्धांजलि दे रहे हैं, और उनके साथ गुज़ारे हुए लम्हों को याद कर रहे हैं –

जैकी भगनानी  : RIP Farooq Sir. Thank u for being like a father to me and teaching me so much through this film. Your teaching will always stay with me.

बमन ईरानी : Shot with him last month. Had the warmest conversation & were to meet here in indore today. Was to join us from Dubai. Alvida Farooq Saab.

हंसल मेहता : Devastated to her about Farooq Shaikh. Spent so much tine with him in NYC earlier this year. Will miss you Farooqbhai.

दिव्या दत्ता : Woke up to hearing this terrible news abt farooque saab, the gentlest soul n magic on screen… my last meeting with at Shabanaji’s house.

शेखर कपूर : RIP Farooq Shaikh. The last time we met, we talked politics. I wish we have talked film and acing. Its what we love most. I would have learned.

नील नितिन मुकेश : RIP Faarooque Sheikh Ji. What an amazing actor! Lovely human being. “Aaja Re Aaja O mere dilbar Aaja”- Noorie.

महेश भट्ट : Alvida Farooq bhai the warmth of your smile lingers in our memory!

 अमिताभ बच्चन : Farooq Sheikh !! Cannot believe he has gone. There as an absence of any kind of pretence in his demeanour, or towards his work!!

सतीश कौशिक : Sad to hear about the sudden demise of Farroukh Sheikh… Brilliant actor, very cultured, sophisticated man… will miss u Farroukh Saheb… RIP

मधुर भंडारकर : Deeply saddened to hear about Farooq Sheikh.. Will miss his warmth, acting skills & gentlemanly demeanour, RIP Sir.

रवीना टंडन : RIP Farooqji … a gentleman actor … ull be missed

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